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6 Tools To Help You Prepare For A Snowstorm

Winter is here. As a Midwesterner, you’re used to snow, ice and other joys of severe winter weather. But are you truly prepared? If not, one big snowstorm could leave you stranded or without electricity for days at a time. In this blog, PowerTech discusses six tools you need so you can be prepared for a snowstorm at your home. 

How to Prepare For Winter Weather At Home 

Prep early – before snow arrives! This way you’ll have the essential tools that you need before, during, and after bad weather hits. Here are some products and tips to to help you be blizzard-ready:

  1. Backup Generator. A home generator can help you keep your appliances and necessities going should there be a power outage. When you have a generator and fuel for it, you can access hot water, keep your heat up and going, and prepare meals. 
  2.  Battery Pack For Your Phone. If the power goes out, your phone will eventually lose its juice. Keep your communication open for safety and sanity by having a long-running cordless battery pack on hand. 
  3. Hand Crank Light.  Having lighting that does not require electricity is a necessity to any household during a power outage – insert the hand crank light! t. A super bright LED-lantern never needs batteries… just wind it up and keep the light shining as long as you need it.. 
  4. Hand Crank Radio. You need to access the news when the power is out. A hand crank radio will help you access news, and you can also get a hand crank radio that has a mobile phone charger and a USB port. 
  5. Freeze Alarms. Freeze alarms are relatively new on the scene, and they can be very helpful! They alert you in advance to let you know that your home has lost power before you get there and find it  cold and dark. A freeze alarm can be programmed to call up three different numbers to notify people of a power outage or of the home’s temperature dropping below the designated range. 
  6. Battery-Powered Sump Pump. While snow is pretty, you need to remember it’s frozen water. When temperatures warm up and the snow starts to melt, basement flooding is possible. If you are experiencing a power outage, you will need a battery operated  sump pump to ensure that you can remove the excess water.
Snowstorm Tips from PowerTech’s licensed electricians serving eastern Nebraska and western Iowa

How Can I Keep My Family Safe During a Storm? 

A PowerTech backup generator is the best way to keep your family connected, warm and safe when severe weather strikes. Our residential service technicians can install your generator and help you make the preparations you need to ensure your family is safe and warm during a power outage. Do not wait until bad weather is in the forecast, call today to ensure your appointment is scheduled before the power goes out and the snowstorm arrives. 

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