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8 Home Office Electrical Hacks

The pandemic normalized remote working. And for many people that’s as huge perk! Working from home is awesome for employees and employers in terms of productivity, cost savings and well-being. Many people love it! If working from home is your new normal,  take a look around your home office, especially at the electrical situation to see if it needs some work.

At PowerTech, our service technicians help residential and commercial electrical customers ensure their offices are running smoothly. Here are eight electrical hacks to look at before your next Zoom meeting in your pajamas. 

Electrical Tips for Your Remote Office 

  1. Check the wiring. If your home has an electrical panel that is equipped with circuit breakers that are older than a decade or so, you should probably upgrade to a more reliable system. Do you still have an iPhone from 10 years ago? No. Think of your circuit breakers the same way. Old circuit breakers randomly turn off or trip more frequently and they’re also more likely to overheat and increase the chance of an electrical fire. An electrician can help with an upgrade and check for safety. 
  1. Get a dedicated computer circuit breaker. A dedicated computer circuit breaker isolates your desktop or laptop to avoid interruption by other devices, especially those that draw higher currents, like appliances and phone chargers. A dedicated circuit system for your computer will ensure your electricity supply is always smooth and surge-free, even during yawn-inducing marathon Zoom meetings.  
  1. Count your outlets. This is pretty important. You likely need several electrical outlets so you don’t have to plug in a bunch of extension cords, which are cumbersome, get in the way and are a potential safety hazard. You could trip, for one thing. And cords cluttered throughout your workspace can add unnecessary stress to your workday.. So try to streamline your cords by having enough outlets to handle them for your monitor or laptop, phone charger, TV, and more. 
  1. Install a wall-mounted power strip. Avoid a mess of wires on your desk or floor by using  a wall-mounted power strip or electric panel. Both are super space-efficient and safe electrical installments to avoid a ton of electrical sockets and charging devices.
  1. Install an in-floor powerstrip under your desk. You can easily hide it with a socket concealer. 
  1. Organize your wires. You can quickly and cheaply tuck annoying wires into place using twist-ties, velcro, fabric bands or even hair ties. 
  1.  Upgrade the lighting. A lighting system that makes sense in your home office prevents eye strain and fatigue and helps you better communicate with your team. New, energy efficient lighting will also save you and/or your company money on electrical bills. 
  1. Have a licensed electrician check things out. A local electrician will review your office space, understand your needs, and discuss your options. That is the best way to make sure your home office is completely up to par, which can help your job performance skyrocket, too. 
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When it comes to getting your home office ready for anything that your job may throw at you, enlist the guidance of a knowledgeable electrician. The pros  at PowerTech help home office workers in Omaha and Council Bluffs make the changes and upgrades they need to make remote working the best it can be. Contact PowerTech to schedule a home office inspection today! 

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