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8 Tips To Get Your House Ready For Fall

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For some, autumn means the return of sweater weather and pumpkin spice everything. Others see fall as simply a precursor to cold, snowy days ahead. However you look at the time between Sept. 22 and Dec. 21, your home’s electrical system should be up to par — and now is a great time to make some upgrades and check for problems. Here, the team at PowerTech offers their 8 favorite tips to get your home ready for fall, long before the winter freeze sets in. 

Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season: A Maintenance Checklist 

  1. Check your circuit breakers. Anything seem weird? Are you sure they’re working properly? Address issues quickly. Waiting can make them worse, even dangerous. 
  1. Walk through your home and check every electrical outlet. If any are dead, feel hot or if you see a spark, they need repaired and replaced, pronto. 
  1. Install landscape lighting. It’s getting dark earlier, and landscape lighting offers security and ambience well into the evening hours. 
  1. Consider getting a backup generator. The weather is still nice, making it the right time to install a residential generator to keep your family warm, safe and comfortable if the power goes out during a winter storm. 
  1. Make sure tree branches are separated from touching any power lines. Even a minor storm can cause a branch to break, knock down a line and take out your power. 
  1. Check your extension cords and power strips. Do not overload them — we get that it’s tempting but use some restraint (and common sense). Replace any that are worn or seem faulty. 
  1. Get a timer for outdoor lights. If you have one, make sure it’s working properly. This will help when you go out in the evening or leave home in the wee hours of the morning. 
  1. Consider switching to LED lights. They save money and provide great lighting. And they last longer than traditional bulbs, which also reduces costs and saves energy.

So do yourself a favor and run through this handy checklist now, before it gets too cold. This upfront prep work is bound to save you time, money and sanity! And if you need it, your PowerTech service team can help ensure your home’s electrical system is good to go. They also might bring you a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Maybe.

In the meantime, check out our blog for more home, electrical, trends and money-saving tips. 

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