I like working with Josh. He's knowledgable and knows how to turn a wrench. We work well together: computer, face-to-face, text whatever we need. He calls back in a short amount of time. He is responsive and fills me in right away.

The staff at PowerTech are reliable, responsive, flexible. They direct and redirect as needed. They have a partnering mentality. We work together to get work done. We can agree and disagree openly, no problem.

At PowerTech you have interaction with decision makers. I appreciate the direct communication and immediate response. They allow us to keep moving and the relationships are solid.

They are extremely responsive. I don't care when I call, I get someone then or a call back in 5 minutes. They spoil me. They are loyal to the extreme. I trust them site unseen. It’s like a working companion and friend. They are amazing. My world would be very different without them in it.