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Baby-Proofing Electrical Outlets & Cords: A How-To Guide for Parents

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As if being a parent wasn’t hard enough. Now you have to run around baby-proofing your house to prevent electrical shock. The truth is, baby-proofing your home is no joke. Just when you think you’ve done everything you can to protect your little ones from getting hurt around the house, they get into something else. Everyone worries about an electrical shock — but there’s more to it than that. Burns and other injuries happen. So does death. 

While outlets are a priority, parents should consider cords and other electrical aspects that also come into play. At PowerTech, our team of service technicians have plenty of tips for baby-proofing your electrical outlets and cords. Here are 6 of them. 

Baby-Proofing Checklist For Your Home 

  1. If your home was built in or after 2015, the national electric code ensures tamper-proof outlets were used. These eliminate the chance of your kid cramming a small object into the outlet. Be sure to make sure all the outlets are tamper proof. Always inspect your them before you buy anything. 
  2. If you have empty outlets, you should baby-proof them. You have a few options. Use electrical outlet caps, which are the least expensive and most simple option. Or, opt for sliding plate covers, which are safe but slightly more expensive. These covers replace those in your outlet. 
  3. If you have occupied outlets, baby-proofing is a little more complex. Your wee one is going to want to pull out a cable, no question. Outlet covers make it impossible for a child to pry into them. Because of the size of the covers, you may have to plug in the outlet, but if you have a large plug, the standard outlet cover could be too small. 
  4. Power strips or power bars can be more challenging to baby-proof, but it’s possible. Power strip covers can baby-proof a power strip or power bar. They are plastic shields that cover the top of the power trip and let the cord stick through while not allowing access to the plugs. 
  5. Don’t use extension cords or longer cables unless they are required. Anything plugged in an extension cord could be turned over with a child’s tug — and teething mouths could chew on the cord and lead to shock. Yikes! Shorten cables or cords by rolling them up. Secure with a zip tie or tape. 
  6. When traveling, take a roll of tape to temporarily baby-proof any hazards in a hotel, an Airbnb or bed and breakfast, to ensure your little one stays safe. 

Baby-Proofing Service in Omaha and Council Bluffs 

Baby-Proof Electrical Service in Omaha and Council Bluffs 

If you need help baby proofing your home, call one of the experienced residential electricians at PowerTech. The team of experienced and affordable service techs will work to ensure your children are protected from electrical shocks or burns. At PowerTech, we put your little one’s safety first. 

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