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Best EV Charging Stations In Omaha And Council Bluffs

If you’ve made the move to an electric car  — congratulations! Get ready to reap the financial benefits of reduced fuel costs, tax credits, and energy efficiency. What’s more, you’re doing your part to protect the planet. Electric vehicles produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. That means cleaner, reduced ecological damage and improved public health. 

The truth is, electric cars, trucks, SUVs and vans are normal now — remember when the internet seemed weird? The technology in electric cars goes beyond state-of-the art — and it’s always evolving. While we don’t have flying cars like “The Jetsons” yet, the notion that electric cars are the wave of the (near) future seems all but certain. 

Even Prince Charles drives electric vehicles. A longtime advocate against climate change, The Prince of Wales reportedly drives a Tesla Model S

Closer to home, cities across the country offer charging stations in convenient locations, including Omaha and Council Bluffs. Below, check out PowerTech’s rundown of spots where you can get your vehicle energized for the drive. 

And remember: It’s easy to charge your car at home — the most convenient spot of all! The Omaha and Council Bluffs electricians at PowerTech can install an EV charging station in your garage, so you never have to worry about whether your car is ready to drive or not. Get in touch today. 

Omaha – Council Bluffs EV Charging Stations

There are at least 125 charging ports within the Omaha – Council Bluffs metro area. Many are free, though some charge a nominal fee. Here are ten locations in the area. 


  • Cumberland Rd
  • Eppley Airfield North
  • Element Omaha Midtown Crossing – Tesla
  • Fort Omaha Campus 
  • Zone 6 HDR
  • Metropolitan Community College Ft. Omaha Campus
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 4940 S 72nd Street
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 1010 S 67th Street
  • Blink Charging Station, 17340 Burt Street
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 8701 W Dodge Road
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 301-459 N 12th Street
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 2130 S 64th Plaza
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 3701 S 10th Street
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 4601 Abbott Drive
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 6505 University Dr. S
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 668 S 41st Street
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 802 S 60th Street
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 1111 S 67th Street
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 3253 Dodge Street
  • Tesla Destination Charger, 305 N 170th Street
  • Tesla Destination Charger, 325 N 12th Street
  • Tesla Destination Charger, 3253 Dodge Street
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 8901 S 154th Street 
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 444 S 16th Street
  • Tesla Destination Charger, 7101 N 102nd Circle
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 8601 W Dodge Road 
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, 4014 Leavenworth Street
  • ChargePoint Charging Station, Elkhorn
  • ChargePoint Charging, Gretna

Council Bluffs 

Where to charge your Electric vehicle on a Road Trip 

If you’re on a road trip, many Walgreens and Walmart locations around the country offer electric car charging. And again, installing your charging station at home is the easiest way to ensure your EV is always ready to drive. 

To have an electric vehicle charging system installed in your garage, contact PowerTech today.