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Does My Business Need a Commercial Generator?

Commercial Generator

Does My Business Need A Commercial Generator?

Every business depends on electricity to operate. So whether you’re a florist, a social media guru, or manage a construction crew, a power outage means less money in your pocket. At PowerTech, our commercial generator team thinks about such problems every day — and how to solve them quickly and save you money. 

Here is a quick look at the benefits of a commercial generator when the power goes out. 

Unexpected Power Outages 

Lightning can strike a transformer near your business operations and cut your power supply. A squirrel could get into an electrical substation. A car accident could take down a power pole. Any of these could leave your business without electricity for hours. When the power is off, your machines can’t run, and your business downtime costs you money and customers. Lost power can be detrimental to your business. With a commercial backup generator, you can keep your business – or its most essential functions – up and running until the power is back on. 

Unexpected downtime is bad for any business, especially true for the manufacturing industry. When power is at a standstill, it leads to product loss, downtime, decreased productivity, and possible machinery breakdown. If your business depends on power to operate equipment and machines, you need a commercial generator to keep operations moving smoothly.

What If There Is A Power Outage?

When there is a power outage, your business will miss out on production revenue and financially in other areas as well. For example, you will be paying employees for time on site when they are not performing work duties during downtime. In addition, you may have overtime expenses to make up for the lost productivity when the line is down — missed delivery deadlines could mean damage to your reputation.

Do any of these issues concern you? 

Take power outages seriously and install a commercial generator to protect your business and assets from electrical problems. A commercial generator is an investment that protects your business when the unexpected happens, and the power goes off—a solution before it becomes a problem. 

Talk With An Expert

At PowerTech, we have a team of professionals prepared for a power outage, ready to guide you through the process of installing a commercial generator and finding a plan that fits your business needs. 

The commercial generator division can help you handle whatever obstacles are thrown your way during a storm or other power emergency. 

Ready to get started? Give us a call at 712.256.8702. You also can fill out our contact form and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.