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Decisions, Decisions: Solar Or Electric Outdoor Lights?

You want great lighting for your home, but there are so many options, including solar lights or traditional electric lights. Your patio lights, string lights, or deck lights can be powered by either. Which is better for you? At PowerTech, we help customers decide the best electrical solutions for their homes that improves energy efficiency and keeps utility bills under control.

Are Solar or Electric Lights Better?

More people are opting for solar lighting for landscaping needs, an option that is effective, attractive, and environmentally friendly. Solar landscape lights use LED lights, which are one of the preferred and longest-lasting lighting options. Sometimes LED lights can run for more than 10 years. 

  • Solar lights do not involve the use of any wires. Instead, they run off the sun’s energy — and end up not costing you anything other than the initial expense of the light fixtures. Any electrical lights, even those that are considered low voltage, involve wires. 
  • LED lights – unlike conventional bulbs – simply lose their brightness over time. Another advantage is that they do not contain mercury. When sustainability and energy efficiency is considered, they do not leave a carbon footprint and they solely run off the sun’s power. 
  • Solar landscape lighting does not offer the same brightness of the lower voltage electrical lights, which could be a disadvantage for some homeowners. 
  • If the areas outside your house don’t receive much direct sunlight, solar lights could be more challenging to maintain. You’ll need to make sure the lights are cleaned regularly as dirt and grime can keep them from absorbing sunlight and prevent a full recharge. 
  • Solar lights are not turned off and on. They build up a charge and they come on when it gets dark enough. They turn off during the day. 
  • When there is bad weather, or overcast days, your solar lights may not get the charge that they need to provide you with the full lighting, so this should also be considered. 
  • Solar lights are affordable, and they usually have extended lifespans, so you do not have to worry about replacing them every year. 

Choosing The Right Lighting

The right lighting can improve a home’s appearance and value — as well as your safety and comfort. Speak with a knowledgeable lighting professional before you choose any kind of light fixtures for your home. 

At PowerTech, our technicians are experienced in all aspects of landscape lighting as well as solar lighting in general. They can review your specific lighting needs and help you come up with the best solution for your specific situation. With their guidance and expertise, you can rest assured that you will have the perfect lighting for your project needs without breaking the bank. Get in touch today.  

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