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How to Protect Your Home During a Storm

One bad summer storm can knock out your power for days at a time. There are steps you can take to protect your home and your family when tornadoes and other severe weather strikes. Here, the team at PowerTech offers their favorite tips to prepare for storm season. 

10 Ways to Protect Your Home Against Storm Damage

  1. Make sure your gutters are clear of debris.
  2. Seal all doors and windows. 
  3. Make sure your trees are trimmed regularly to avoid limbs from falling on your property or on an electrical wire. 
  4. Replace and repair loose siding and loose shingles. 
  5. Get a sump pump and make sure it is in working order. 
  6. Have a cooler handy and keep ice in your freezer. If the lights go out, you can keep your fresh food from perishing by moving into a cooler with ice. 
  7. Make sure water can flow away from your home. The grade of your lot should flow into a ditch, a drain, or a well-built retention area. You don’t want the water to stand at your foundation or damage your house. 
  8. Stock up on enough water to last a couple of weeks. Buy non-perishable food items that can be prepared and eaten without electricity. 
  9. Have  an emergency plan in place. Make sure your family knows what to do, including everyone’s role should severe weather strike.
  10. Have PowerTech install a backup generator outside your house. A generator will allow your family to access the essentials no matter what, such as electricity, water, and heat and air conditioning. 

How do you storm-proof a house?

Prepare your family for seasonal storms by talking to PowerTech’s generator services and sales team. They are skilled in all aspects of electrical needs and can make recommendations regarding generators. A residential backup h