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How Far Should A Generator Be Placed From Your Home?

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A backup generator can be a real asset to your household. It can help you keep life flowing more smoothly while allowing you to access the power that you need to keep things up and running after a storm or other major disaster. However, you need to make sure your generator has been professionally installed and can meet full capacity while operating safely. This blog will discuss generator installation, including how far a backup generator should be placed from your home. 

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5 Tips For Installing Your Backup Generator

When you get a backup generator, you need to make sure you put it in the best spot. You want it to serve your home’s needs while operating safely and optimally. 

  1. Place your backup generator at least five feet away from any property lines. Some ordinances may require a greater distance, so be sure to check with the regulations in your area. 
  2. When it is possible to do so, make sure your generator is set near electric meters and gas meters both. 
  3. Make sure your generator is far enough away from your home. This depends on your home and the kind of generator that you have chosen. This means your generator should not be any closer than 18 inches to your home, and in many cases, the optimal distance is 20 feet. Also, the size of your property and where you are located come into play as well. 
  4. Be sure to maintain no less than 5 feet between your generator and any windows and doors to help keep fumes out of your home and to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The professional technician who installs your generator will check for these things and make sure your generator is installed properly and at a safe distance.
  5. Make sure you safely store the fuel for your generator. You do not want to store fuel for long periods either, so regularly swap out your emergency supply of fuel. Also, make sure you have enough fuel to do your household for a designated time frame, such as a week or 10 days. 

Call On The Experts

A backup generator can be a support line for your family in serious weather and other emergency situations, so do not try to handle the installation on your own. Instead, call on a professional to install your unit and to make sure it is in a good location and can operate optimally as well as safely. PowerTech has helped hundreds of families install a generator to meet their needs. 

When bad weather causes power outages, it can take several days – or even weeks – to get the repairs done to turn the power back on. A generator can help you keep your refrigerator going, ensure your family has access to heat or air conditioning, and allow you to access warm water and prepare meals. If you want to learn more about a generator, call PowerTech today! One of our technicians will help you come up with the best solution for your household. 

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