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How To Reduce Your Electric Bill During The Winter

It’s freezing – multiple days of single digit temps and you’re constantly cold.

You turn up the heat. You get a higher electrical bill.

Repeat cycle.  

As if winter isn’t hard enough.  

Why Is My Electric Bill So High All Of A Sudden?

It’s A + B = C. When temperatures outside are cold, you spend more time indoors. At home, you and your family likely use more electricity because the lights and TV are on, the furnace is running, and multiple appliances are in use. After all, you want to stay warm, fed and entertained!  Kids might be home for the holiday break, you might be hosting family for holidays – all of this added up to more power use for phones, video games, music and more. And don’t forget about Christmas lights, tree lights, and other decorations! For as festive and fun as they are, the holiday spirit you got into last month used a lot of electricity. 

But winter doesn’t have to mean skyrocketing electric bills. At PowerTech, we help customers find ways to save energy and money all year — even when conditions outside are fierce. Check out these tips that can help reduce the potential of high energy bills while staying nice and cozy. 

8 Ways to Reduce Your Winter Electric Bill

Chatting with a local residential electrician is the best source for energy-saving upgrades at your home. In the meantime, these DIY tips can help lower your electric bill. 

  1. Add a programmable thermostat, which allows you to customize your heating schedule. If you opt for a smart thermostat, that will give you extra options to save energy and control your heating from anywhere through your smartphone. 
  2. Lower the thermostat 7 to 10 degrees and you could save as much as 10 percent annually on your electricity. During the winter months, set the thermostat to 68 degrees when you are asleep or away from home.
  3. Be sure to check your filters and make sure they are cleaned and changed regularly. This helps with the airflow and keeps your HVAC unit working as it should. Make sure you are using the filters specifically for your unit. 
  4. Make sure furniture is away from air vents and clear the space to allow the air to circulate. 
  5. Do not waste your heat on rooms that are not insulated. That means do not heat your crawl space or garage. Without insulation, they lose heat more quickly. 
  6. Maintain your HVAC system. Make sure an electrical expert regularly inspects your HVAC unit and performs all the necessary maintenance to keep it up and running. 
  7. Make sure your home is well insulated. Good insulation will  keep your home comfortable in all seasons. Make sure your attic has been properly insulated. During the winter, making sure your attic has floor insulation will keep the warm air from rising from your home.
  8. Make smart choices for lighting, and switch to LED bulbs. They last much longer than traditional bulbs. Also, make sure you flip the switch and turn off the light when you leave the room. 

All of these actions add up to reducing your electrical bills – try it! 

Talk With A Licensed Electrician in Omaha and Council Bluffs 

If you are ready to save money on your home’s winter electric bill, call the team at PowerTech to schedule an energy assessment. Our experts can determine the best approach for you to cut winter energy costs and more. Happy Holidays! 

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