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How to Hang Outdoor String Lights: The Ultimate Guide

Outdoor string lights make your patio look ready to party all year long, whether you are planning a gathering or just want your exterior space to look a little more fun. 

They seem easy to install, right? Maybe, but it takes a little time, planning and labor to get it right. Here, the residential service technicians at PowerTech offer some tips  to hanging outdoor string lights so they operate as great as they look. 

Tips for Hanging Outdoor String Lights 

There are many ways to hang outdoor string lights. The approach that you use depends on where you hang them, the lights you use, and how much light you need — as well as why you will need the lighting. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different approaches: 

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  • It might seem obvious, but be sure to test the lights before starting this process to make sure all of the bulbs work! 
  • Choose LED string lights for long-lasting, energy-efficient illumination that is also easy on your wallet.
  • Measure the distance where you plan to hang the lights — tree to tree or pole to pole, for example. Consider how tight you plan to pull the lights as you measure the space. Loose lights give a more casual and comfortable look, while lights pulled tightly give more structure and a more solid appearance.  
  • Drill guide holes on the trees or poles. Enlist a helper to properly string the lights from one pole or tree to the next one! Their job is to hold the lights carefully so they are placed the right distance apart. Mark the guide hole spots on the poles or trees before drilling. 
  • Install a sturdy hook in each pole or tree at the marked spot, so it is tight and holds the lighting. 
  • Install the bulbs tightly into your string lights and make sure they are operating properly. 
  • Thread the string lights into the hooks and ensure they have been placed securely. 
  • If an extension cord is needed, make it a heavy-duty one. Connect your string lights using the cords or power strips. 
  • Check to see if the string lights work properly. If needed, install an additional hook to secure the lights firmly against the trees or poles.
  • Regularly check the cords to make sure there is no damage or frays. If you see any major wear and tear, replace the damaged cords and address issues promptly. Also, replace any burnt out or damaged light bulbs. 

Best Places to Use Inexpensive Outdoor String Lights

Now, where to put them? Think about what makes sense and gives you the look you want for your space. Outdoor string lights work well when they’re not likely to get jostled or blown away during heavy winds. A few ideas include: 

— Under a gazebo or pergola 

— Along a fence

— Directly on the house 

— In a kids’ fort 

— Over a covered deck

— Under an awning 

— Along a fire pit 

— Encompassing a flower garden 

So many ideas—  and a step-by-step installation guide! If you need help, give us a call. Good luck! 

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