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Outdoor Security Lighting and Wiring: A Guide For Your House

Lighting and wiring your home for safety and security is a surefire way to protect your family and your property.  Lights, security cameras, and other safety devices can discourage intruders from burglarizing your home, scare away strange animals and illuminate walkways to prevent falls and other potentially serious injuries.

Below, PowerTech has created a short guide on how electricity, specifically the use of proper lighting and wiring, can increase the safety and security of your home. 

How To Protect Your Home Using Lighting and Wiring 

  • Install a series of strong, bright security lights around the perimeter of your home’s exterior. By including security lights at virtually every angle, you’ll be able to clearly see what’s going on outside from virtually any window in your house. Position is key here. If you’re not home, outdoor lights can give the impression that you are. At the same time, lights with motion detectors will likely startle anyone lurking around in the darkness. 
  • Invest in a Ring security camera that includes motion-activated LED lights, HD video and a built-in security siren. The wiring here can be a little tricky to make it sync with your other lighting systems, so have a residential electrician install it for you.
  • Get a wireless doorbell (also from Ring) with video. This is very cool: When someone rings your doorbell, they appear on a video so you know who it is. You can avoid anyone who looks suspicious or even a nosy neighbor! Again, make sure it’s set up properly. An electrician can check it. 
  • Consider a spotlight for a specific area that needs security, such as a driveway or sidewalk. 
  • Light walkways along the sidewalk or driveway to prevent falls if you go outside at night. Do this in both the front yard and backyard. 
  • Floodlights are best for general lighting needs. A floodlight provides a wide beam and can cover a large area of your property. It can light up areas that are typically difficult to see at night. 
  • Use timers on your outside lighting and set them from sunset to sunrise. These types of lights turn on and off automatically, so you don’t need to worry about turning them on before bed. 
  • Install landscape lighting with LED lights that you leave on from dusk until dawn. Don’t forget the backyard! 
  • Make sure lights around your garage and doorways cannot be removed. If these areas are reachable by most adults, they can be removed by a would-be intruder. Make sure these lights are encases and cannot be removed unless you do it yourself. 
  •  Have an electrician make sure your outdoor lighting system is in sync so it effectively protects your property. If the different elements of your outdoor safety lighting can’t work together and make sense, they won’t meet your needs and goals. This wastes your time, money and affects your safety. A licensed residential electrician can perform system checks to ensure everything is doing what it’s supposed to do. Your protection is only as good as your lighting system. 
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