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With more electrical cars on the road, electrical vehicle charging stations are becoming much more common. If you have an electric car, you will need to add an electrical vehicle (EV) charging station.

These electrical vehicle supplies require proper wiring to ensure the right voltage, the desired results, and safe operation. The kind of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) that you purchase will determine how your vehicle is charged. Different vehicles may also require different charge times and have different requirements for chargers.

PEVs come with a 120-volt charging cord that allows you to charge your vehicle in a conventional outlet, but the installation of a 240-volt circuit allows for faster, more efficient charging. If you purchase a battery electric vehicle (BEV), you may want to add a Level 2 charging station.

Level 2 chargers require 240 volts and can cut the charging time in half as compared to traditional 120-volt plug-in charging. To set up Level 2 charging at home, you will need to install a dedicated circuit with a charging station at your home. Usually, you will want your charging station installed in your garage. Many areas require a permit for a charging station to be installed into a home or garage. The information that must be submitted include electrical load calculations, electrical plans, and so forth.

To make sure your charger is installed properly, operating safely, and up to code, you should enlist the help of PowerTech. Our technicians are experienced and have undergone extensive training in the installation of electric car chargers. We will make sure that the charger is installed properly and is functioning at full capacity. When we handle the job, you can count on it being done promptly and professionally.

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