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What Appliances Should I Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  

Best appliance deals black Friday

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are increasingly grouped together as folks form their must-have lists for the holidays. When it comes to getting a good deal on an energy-efficient appliance, many people wait patiently until this time of year rolls around. Well, it’s here! 

Below, the team at PowerTech offers their suggestions on what appliances to buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday so you can upgrade your appliances in time for Christmas dinner. 

Best Appliances to Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales ads are already being posted online — and printed copies are now appearing in stores. Every retailer that sells appliances will have Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Great, but what to buy? Here is a look at some appliances to keep an eye out for to snag the best prices of the year. 

  • Instant Pots – Regardless of the brand you are looking for, programmable pressure cookers and instant pots are a hot item, and many places are offering them with up to 40% off the regular prices. 
  • Air Fryers – Air fryers have become a way to prepare foods healthier and much more quickly. 
  • Mixers – Whether you are looking for Kitchen Aid or another brand, odds are you will find a mixer at the lowest price of the season. 
  • Washers and Dryers – While a washer or dryer may not be the present you would like to find under the tree, they are useful and in most households, a necessity. You can get a good deal on energy efficient washers and dryers during the holiday sales. 
  • Refrigerators – Refrigerators are a necessity, and if it is time to replace or upgrade, the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales is the prime time to find a great deal. 
  • Space Heaters – If you need a space heater to heat up a small area, you can get the best deals on Black Friday. Some chain stores have them starting as low as $15 and going on up, depending on brand and size. 
  • Ovens and Stoves —You can cook those holiday meals on a brand new, energy efficient cookstove. Different brands, sizes, and models will be on sale, so do your research and check all your local retailers to see who has the best deal for your specific needs. 
  • Grills – Regardless of whether you are looking for a small electric grill, a charcoal grill, or a propane grill many home improvement stores and retail chains will be offering great prices on grills.  
  • Vacuums – All kinds of vacuums – robotic, upright, and canister as well as shop vacuums will make their way into many sales ads for the holiday events. 
  • Electric Fireplaces – Both the electric fireplace heaters and the electric fireplace solely for appearance will be available during the pre-holiday sales. 

Get Ready To Find The Best Deals

Start planning your shopping early and map out what to buy where. Do your research, and make sure you choose energy-efficient models. Also, if you need to have them professionally installed or have additional outlets put in your home, contact the PowerTech team of residential service technicians today. 

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