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6 Reasons to Have a Backup Generator in Your Home

Home Backup Generator

Technology can make your home smarter and your life easier. Robot vacuum cleaners. Wireless speakers. Jetsons-worthy appliances. Top-of-the-line phones, laptops, and tablets to keep you working, playing, streaming, and connecting. 

Until the power goes out. Uh oh. 

While it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that severe weather causes power outages across the country – Iowa and Nebraska included – it’s a shock to the system every single time. When outages are huge and last days (or even weeks) they disrupt your life and cost you time, money, and sanity, especially if you end up in a hotel room with your entire family to ride it out.

Ever wonder how some businesses keep running during a blackout? They likely have a generator in place. PowerTech now sells and installs backup generators for homeowners as part of the company’s new residential division. Here are six reasons to consider adding a backup generator to your home’s bells and whistles. 

Kohler Generators at PowerTech electrical services serving Omaha and Council Bluffs

A PowerTech backup generator can protect your home and your family during a power outage

6 Reasons to Have a Backup Generator in Your Home 

  1. Uninterrupted Power. While it seems like an obvious reason, it’s worth noting. When a power outage extends into hours or even days, your pipes, electronics, and even your family’s safety is at risk. A PowerTech backup home generator will keep your furnace running, prevent pipes from freezing, your security system on, and keep your electronics – including your cell phone – charged and operating in case you need them. 
  1. Handle What Mother Nature Dishes Out. A home generator will withstand freezing temperatures, blizzard conditions, tornados, hail – any severe weather event that is strong enough to shut down the local main power grid in an instant. 
  1. Protect Computers and Files. When the power abruptly dies, your computer – and any files you’re working on – can be corrupted. An outage also has the ability to permanently damage hardware, which will cost you a lot of money in repairs and replacements. A surge in power can be dastardly  – more on that below. 
Kohler Generators at PowerTech electrical services serving Omaha and Council Bluffs
  1. Stay Safe and Healthy. A generator will keep the furnace running to prevent your home from becoming dangerously cold in the winter, avoiding frostbite and hypothermia. A generator also prevents heat stroke and dehydration due to no air conditioning in the summer.
  1. Get Surge Protection (Which will ultimately save you money). Power surges are caused by a temporary loss of electricity. A surge once the power returns can seriously damage electrical components throughout your house – or even cause an electrical fire. Yikes! A backup generator prevents potentially dangerous power surges  because once the power goes out, it senses the problem and instantly reroutes the power. You won’t have to worry about what is going to happen once the power returns, because it will have never left.
  1. Peace of Mind. Most people worry what might happen if their homes lose power. At best, it’s unpleasant. At worst, it’s dangerous. Why risk it? A home generator is an easy way to protect your home and your family during severe weather or another outage.  Easy installation makes it even better. 

Ready to protect your home and your family during the next big storm? Get in touch before the next one hits. 

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