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How To Save Money — And The Planet — on Christmas Lights

Twinkling lights, Christmas trees and semi-obnoxious inflatable yard decor make the wonder of the holidays come to life. Before the idea of a sky-high energy bill causes you to rethink your kid’s wish-list to Santa, you can decorate your house and yard with lighted holiday displays galore while reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your electricity costs. Here, the residential electricians at PowerTech have come up with a guide to enjoying beautiful Christmas lights and decorations that save money, energy and the planet. 

Why Should I Use Energy Efficient Christmas Lights? 

Clients ask us, are Christmas lights expensive to run? They don’t have to be. 

dTraditional lights use incandescent bulbs. They’re a big zero in terms of energy efficiency. Unsteady, incandescent bulbs waste energy. Only 10% of the energy that each bulb uses produces light. The other 90 % is released as heat and goes to waste. 

Choose LED lights. They use less energy and can last for as long as 4,000 hours. They use about 10% the energy that a traditional bulb uses. 

Holiday lights ectricians at PowerTech electrical services serving Omaha and Council Bluffs

Saving Money and Energy During the Holidays: A Guide  

  • After you have selected LED bulbs, decide what kind of display you want to set up. Do you want icicle lights to hang from the roof and windows? How about lights wrapped around your trees and shrubs? There are a lot of cool options in LED string lights. These are attractive, energy efficient and affordable. 
  • Set a timer. Timers will save you money and energy by keeping your lights on only during a set time rather than all night. How much you save likely depends on timer settings and how much energy you would use if you left the lights on. Timers are definitely worth their cost, though. Consider combining a timer with a smart plug, to make sure power isn’t being wasted when the lights are turned off. 
  • Use energy efficient lights and timers indoors as well. Again, there are a lot of fun options to go bananas inside as well. 
  • Turn other lights off when the Christmas tree is lit indoors. You should have enough lighting from the lights on the tree. Make sure you turn the lights on at dark and then turn them off at bedtime. Don’t waste power or increase your utility expenses due to laziness. 
  • Use smart plugs. They help ensure energy is not being lost when the lights are not being used. 
  • Unplug all your lights and appliances if you go out of town for the holidays. Even when appliances are turned off, they can be vampires that drain energy anytime they are plugged in. 
  • Lower the thermostat. Reduce it a few degrees, especially when you are not at home or when sleeping.
  • Cook multiple dishes at once. Cooking big holiday meals (or making dinner any night of the week) heats up the house. Doing it at the same time means you don’t have to wait for the oven to reheat. 

How Do I Know if My House is Energy Efficient? 

If you are ready to avoid sky high utility bills this holiday season, call the service technicians at PowerTech. The team has years of knowledge and expertise for making sure you don’t break the bank or harm the planet while decorating to your heart’s desire. Happy Holidays! 

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Holiday lights ectricians at PowerTech electrical services serving Omaha and Council Bluffs

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